Programming education made intuitive.

One solution for the complete grading workflow: increasing efficiency for teachers and enhancing feedback for students.

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Increase quality and quantity of feedback. Save time and reduce costs.

We believe in doing one thing and doing it great. A grading and feedback environment, so you can be flexible and focus on setting up the ideal learning environment for your students. Making sure your students learn to code, not just learn to use another education platform.

Students receive
more feedback.

Intensive support


Better education


Highly flexible


Reduce costs

Teachers spend over
less time on grading.

Besides our integrated grading platform, which offers many time-saving and quality-increasing features, we give you intensive and hands-on support. Making sure your teachers don’t have to spend hours configuring options, but can spend their time teaching and providing meaningful feedback. Finally, your teachers will have the time to give your students the feedback they need and deserve.


Specifically designed for programming education

The old way of giving feedback on programming assignments is by giving a few lines of feedback in a general comments box for all files and all lines of an assignment. This is generic and uninstructive.

The CodeGrade way of giving feedback is by using our revolutionary Code Viewer. This Code Viewer makes it possible to give precise in-line feedback, use an integrated rubric, see testing output and browse through handed in files, all in one view. This makes feedback more specific and more expressive and grading more efficient.

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Automated Testing and Continuous Feedback to your students

CodeGrade offers a framework to automatically test code and apply feedback. Besides this, students can upload continuously to CodeGrade to get their automated feedback within minutes. Giving them the possibility to improve their work before the deadline. With Automated Testing and Continuous Feedback, students get their grades faster and teachers have more time to spend on giving feedback.


One click integrated code plagiarism detection

CodeGrade provides an easy to use built-in plagiarism detection tool. With an online insightful and clear plagiarism case interface with export functionality.

CodeGrade integrates the state of the art JPlag plagiarism software for this, providing plagiarism detection in many languages, such as Python, Java, C and many more.

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Seamless integration with your Learning Management System

CodeGrade implements the LTI standard, which allows it to integrate seamlessly with your LMS. Saving teacher and student the headache of having to use another tool and synchronize it manually. CodeGrade currently supports Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and Brightspace. But we are happy to integrate it with your LMS of choice.


CodeGrade integrates seamlessly with

  • Blackboard Learn LMS
  • BrightSpace LMS
  • Canvas LMS
  • Moodle LMS
"I do not think it would be possible for my course and the feedback on the assignments to be as good as it is now, without the use of CodeGrade. Truly an excellent piece of software!”
Tim Doolan
Lecturer for Bachelor Artificial Intelligence at University of Amsterdam

Why we created CodeGrade

We started CodeGrade when we were still Computer Science students and teaching assistants at the University of Amsterdam. The feedback on assignments we received was unintuitive and generally useless. We decided to tackle this issue in programming education and created CodeGrade.

Our mission is to revolutionize code grading by innovating on feedback delivery to students. In our opinion feedback is one of the most important ways to learn. Join us in our journey and start improving your programming education now.

Some of our valued partners

  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Innovate your programming education today.