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Today’s modern programming education is facing new challenges because of the rapidly increasing popularity of computer science programmes and courses. With CodeGrade we designed and built a tool especially designed to suit the needs for modern programming education with the aim to overcome these new challenges.

We started developing CodeGrade during our Computer Science bachelor at the University of Amsterdam in response to the problems we encountered ourselves as former Computer Science students and teaching assistants at the University of Amsterdam. As students we lacked meaningful and effective feedback to give us insight in our grade and as teaching assistants we found that the amount of overhead required to actually grade programming assignments in the traditional way and the lack of ability to provide useful feedback in the counter-intuitive environment made the work inconvenient, inefficient and frustrating. This resulted in developing CodeGrade.

This still drives us to continue developing and innovating CodeGrade. By adding new innovative tools, enhance existing workflows, and by creating whole new workflows. We do this by using our own ideas and experiences, but also by closely working together with domain experts and institutions that use our software. Our goal is to continue creating the complete solution for modern programming education: CodeGrade.

  • Devin Hillenius
    Devin Hillenius
    Founder, Business Development and Partner Success
  • Olmo Kramer
    Olmo Kramer
    Founder, Development and Technology
  • Thomas Schaper
    Thomas Schaper
    Founder, Development and Technology
  • Youri Voet
    Youri Voet
    Founder, Business Development and Partner Success