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  • CodeGrade becomes official Instructure Partner

    Partnerships News

    By: Youri Voet (Founder, Business Development and Partner Success)

    CodeGrade is now an official Instructure partner. Instructure is the creator of Canvas, an LMS used by hundreds of institutions worldwide. Since the beginning of CodeGrade, Canvas has been supported seamlessly. A partnership was a logical next step.

  • Our Story

    Background Team

    By: Devin Hillenius (Founder, Business Development and Partner Success)

    Almost two years ago, we started developing the very first version of CodeGrade as part of a course in our Computer Science bachelor at the University of Amsterdam. The idea for a blended learning tool to improve programming education emerged from our own frustrations as students and teaching assistants at the university. We thought the feedback we got on our assignments, if we even got any feedback at all, was inadequate and did not effectively made us learn from our mistakes. Later, as teaching assistants, we found out that the amount of overhead and lack of efficient and code-specific tools made it almost impossible to provide sufficient feedback or to check for plagiarism.

  • New release Izanami

    Development Releases

    By: Youri Voet (Founder, Business Development and Partner Success)

    Our developers have been busy! We have successfully launched our latest release: Izanami. This release features a few major new features. The most important of which is group assignments. In CodeGrade you can now create groups, share them between assignments, and hand in as a group. The grades for a group are sent back via LTI to each group member automatically.