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  • Latest release Izanami.1

    Development Releases

    By: Devin Hillenius (Founder, Business Development and Customer Success)

    Less than a month after our latest major release Izanami, we have launched our latest minor release: Izanami.1. This release features, along with many smaller UI improvements, a few great additions to CodeGrade.

  • New release Izanami

    Development Releases

    By: Youri Voet (Founder, Business Development and Customer Success)

    Our developers have been busy! We have successfully launched our latest release: Izanami. This release features a few major new features. The most important of which is group assignments. In CodeGrade you can now create groups, share them between assignments, and hand in as a group. The grades for a group are sent back via LTI to each group member automatically.