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At CodeGrade our goal is to improve the quality of programming education worldwide. We do this by making innovative programming education affordable and offering a range of flexible pricing options. Get in touch with our team to find out which option suits you and your education the best.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For who is CodeGrade?

CodeGrade is there as much for students as for educators. You can use CodeGrade for all ranges of Computer Science assignments. From simple introductory exercises to the most advanced and low-level assignments and projects. CodeGrade saves time and is easy to set up for educators and continuously delivers feedback to students.

Can I try CodeGrade?

We understand you want to try CodeGrade and we also want you to! First, we would love to demonstrate CodeGrade at your institution or via an online call. After that, we can set up a demo account for you and your colleagues or start a pilot for one or multiple courses/modules at your institution so you can try CodeGrade in production! Contact us to learn more!

What are the licensing options?

Just like the flexibility CodeGrade offers, our licensing options are also flexible. We have two licensing options, per student account or per course/module. An annual license per student account is cost-effective for CS departments. An annual license per module/course is useful for non-CS departments providing just some programming education. To get started with CodeGrade, we offer a reduced price pilot. Of course, we are always happy to discuss other licensing options that better fit your institution. Teacher and staff-accounts are always free in CodeGrade.

Who is the owner of the content uploaded to CodeGrade?

You! All your data, code and submissions handed in via CodeGrade will always belong to you. We offer you exports of the data whenever you want or need it and are completely GDPR compliant.

How can I get the funds for CodeGrade in my institution?

Getting funds and convincing all the people involved in the decision might seem daunting. But we’re here to help you and deal with all the bureaucracy. We’re happy to setup demos for you and your colleagues and provide support along the way. Need more information? Email us and we’ll supply you with everything you need.

What is included in the license?

A specially crafted environment for Computer Science education. You get a personal CodeGrade instance ( running on our highly secure and high speed cloud infrastructure, we connect it to your LMS of choice and give you our premium live support. Before the start of your module/course we will provide workshops to get you and your colleagues up and running with CodeGrade. With CodeGrade, you have the flexibility to setup your assignments however you want. Get your assignments graded automatically and give your students continuous feedback. At the end, you can run a plagiarism check designed for code. Any feedback or feature requests? We love to collaborate with our educators!

Any other questions or concerns?

We would love to help you out with it! Please contact us at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!